Women who say chivalry is dead obviously haven’t had a guy honk at them lately…

I take preventative measures to ignore people trying to get my attention when I’m walking down the street. I always have my headphones in my ears, although there’s not always music playing. I also either have my sunglasses or a hat on so I can avoid eye contact with people. I’m not trying to be anti-social; I just don’t like being bothered in the street, because more often then not, it’s someone that I don’t want to acknowledge.
Every now and then I get 2 or 3 guys that are walking behind me and try to get my attention; it usually goes something like this;

“Hey!…Hey Hot girl!… Hey girl in the black coat! Hey!”
“Dude, she can’t hear you, she’s listening to music.”

(Yes, because if I could hear you yelling for my attention in the street, I would definitely give you my number)

One time I was standing beside a guy at the crosswalk, sunglasses on, headphones in, and I could see he was trying to get my attention, but I ignored him. Then he started tapping my shoulder… I don’t like to be touched, I have a bubble, and he was definitely in it. I took my headphone out of my ear and said “yes?” he replied “how’s it going?” I said “fine.” Then he gave me a creepy smile that I’m sure he usually reserved for small children. I promptly put my headphones back in.

Of course then we have the guys that honk their car horns. I was in the car with a male friend of mine once and there was a pretty girl walking down the street. He said “look at her…” and then went to hit the horn. I grabbed his hand and asked him why he would honk at a girl. To which he replied “What? Girls like it when you honk at them…”.
Um…what? I couldn’t understand what would ever give a man the impression that a person likes to be honked at while they walk down the street. And what are you going to do, if by some unlikely chance, the girl actually smiled back at you? Park the car and run down the street after her? That wouldn’t scream desperate and mentally unbalanced at all.
Car horns should only be used for road rage and to warn the children playing in the street that you don’t intend on stopping or slowing down your fast approaching vehicle.

So please, do the men in your life a favour and kindly remind them to leave the pretty girl walking down the street alone.


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