No, you can’t cry on my shoulder; I’m wearing silk…

I’ll be honest; I’m not the most emotional person in the world. I’ll get loud, I may get frustrated occasionally, but emotional I am not. I like to think it’s the delightful mix of supplements (full of “naturally occurring” caffeine) and Ritalin that keep me in my happy disposition. But there seems to suddenly be an epidemic of overly emotional men.
I’m not talking about sensitive; if a guy can appreciate how adorable a puppy is, or adopts an orphan in Africa off TV, I get that. I’m talking about the secure confident males that are being replaced with insecure, overly emotional males.

Recently I was to go on a date with a grown, 35 year old man. He had to reschedule our date, to which my response was “of course, no worries” because really it’s not a big deal. So when I had to do the same thing to him a few days later, imagine my shock to receive a message back saying; “Omg! I’m sooooooooo sad!” – That by the way is not an exaggeration – there really were nine o’s on that so.
My friend Valerie was dating a guy, who was a little insecure, but he was cute and nice so she was ok with it. That is until the day he lost it in public. They got into a light argument downtown, nothing of real importance, really no big deal. Then out of no where he started bawling; tears, hyperventilating the whole 9 yards. In public!
Another friend told me she had 2 of her male friends crying in her arms over their ex-girlfriends in the same month.

Call me old fashioned, but I like my men to be just a little tougher. I want to know that if something jumps out of the bushes, you’re not going to use me as a human shield.
So the next time a man starts to get overly emotional, just look deep into his eyes and say what we’ve heard for decades; “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”


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